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Phillip Nelson has specialized in two fields. The first is information economics in which he has produced seminal work in consumer economics. The second is public choice in which he has written many articles and the book, “Signaling Goodness.” This book melds these two fields producing new insights about voter information problems. He has spent a lifetime teaching graduate courses in these specialties and microeconomic theory.




Phone: 607 687-3869

607 972-7169

Address: 404 Front Street, Owego, NY, 13827

Born: March 8, 1929

Married: Lucie


  1. University of Texas Liberal Arts 1948
  2. Columbia University Economics 1950

Phd. Columbia University Economics 1957


“Migration, Real Income, and Information”  1959 Journal of Regional Science

“Information and Consumer Behavior”  1970 Journal of Political Economy

“The Elasticity of Labor to the Individual Firm” 1973 Econometrica

“Advertising as Information” 1974 Journal of Political Economy

“The Economic Value of Advertising” in Advertising and Society 1974 New York University Press

“The Economic Consequences of Advertising” 1975 Journal of Business

“Political Information” 1976 Journal of Law and Economics

“Voting and Imitative Behavior” 1994 Economic Inquiry

“Redistribution and the Income of the Median Voter” 1999 Public Choice

“If Extremists Vote, How Do They Express Themselves” (with Kenneth Greene) 2000 Public Choice

“Is Relative Income of Overriding Importance for Individuals” (with Kenneth Greene) 2007 International Journal of Social Science”

Book: Signaling Goodness: Social Rules and Public Choice 2002 University of Michigan Press

William and Mary: Instructor 1950-51

Army: 1951-53

Amherst: Instructor 1955-56

University of Chicago Post Doctorate 1955-1956

Visiting Associate Professor 1973-74

Columbia University: Assistant Professor 1957-60

CCNY: Assistant Professor 1959-1960

New School of Social Research Associate Professor


Binghamton University: Associate Professor 1969-1975

Professor 1975-1996

Emeritus Professor 1996-Present

Hoover Institution Fellow 1976-77